A crash course in word embedding.

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What does word embedding mean?

Word embedding is just a fancy way of saying numerical representation of words. A good analogy would be how we use the RGB representation for colors.

Why do we need word embedding?

As a human, intuitively speaking, it doesn’t make much sense in wanting to represent words or any other object in the universe using numbers…

And why it matters

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Need for an evaluation metric

Loss calculation in other areas

In most of deep learning tasks — classification, regression, or image generation — it is pretty easy and straight forward to evaluate the performance of a model because of the solution space is finite/not very large.

In most classification problems, the number of labels is fixed, which makes it possible…

My summer internship experience!

View from the desk I used to sit on in Hepia, Geneva. Picture credits: Moi.

In the summer of 2018 I had an amazing opportunity to intern in Geneva, Switzerland at Haute École du Payasage, d’Ingénierie et D’Architecture de Genève.

I spent almost three months solving a problem using machine learning, in one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen and met so…

Not the knight in shining armor, but definitely the unsung hero in our AI battle cards

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If you ask anyone around, they’ll tell you that AI is the hottest and the fastest developing field out there. We have made tremendous progress in supervised learning — both Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. These two fields solve very different problems and do not share a lot of…

Ria Kulshrestha

AI enthusiast currently exploring SE @Microsoft. Claps/Shares/Comments are appreciated💖https://twitter.com/Ree_____Ree

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